It's okay to be predictable if you do it in Paris.

Uh oh guys.  Uh oh.  I had a very lovely first day in Paris, which I will describe later.  But then I finally worked up the nerve to go into a cafe for dinner, and the ultimate opening rom-com scene happened:

Couple in front of me walks in, holding hands.  They ask for a table for two.  The host asks if they have a reservation, and they say no.  He smiles and seats them anyway.  Next he turns to me, and asks if I have a reservation.  I say no.  He asks, “How many?” and I reply that it’s just one.  His response:  ”Non.”  

That’s it?  No wait time?  Nothing?  Two things to note: 1) There were several open tables and 2) The couple were not like, regulars or something.  They were American, and I’m pretty sure at least one of them was wearing sneakers, and the first words out of their mouths were “Do you speak English?” So in conclusion, couples are free to walk in for a meal, but single ladies should probably be at home crying into their chocolate mousse.

For the record, I am at home with chocolate mousse, but I didn’t cry.   

2 years ago